Council on Community Engagement

The Council on Community Engagement (COCE) allows members of the UM community to provide their expertise as the McLean Institute continues the process of coordinating the University’s engagement and service activities. Community engagement, whether expressed as service-learning, community-based research, civic engagement, public scholarship, etc., is generally defined as the collaboration between the institutions of higher education and their larger communities. The Council is a campus-wide group which will work together in defining community engagement for the University of Mississippi.

Members of the Council represent different Colleges and Schools, departments, and other institutions on campus, serving as the University’s leadership for ensuring that community engagement, as an institutional priority, is embedded in the University culture, influencing research and teaching while partnering with our communities. UM’s vision is to lead and excel by engaging minds, transforming lives, and serving others. This council will seek to facilitate the goals and initiatives associated with the priority of excellence, “Transformation through Service.” The Council will assist in building a network of contacts across the UM units to support the University’s community engagement and service learning efforts, and to help promote and disseminate information about community engagement opportunities.

Council representatives for 2017-2018:

Albert Nylander, Chair (McLean Institute)

Laura Antonow (College Programs)

Melissa Bass (Department of Public Policy Leadership)

Derek Cowherd (FedEx Student-Athlete Academic Support Center)

C. Clay Dibrell (Department of Management)

Phillis George (Department of Leadership of Counselor Education)

John Green (Department of Sociology and Anthropology and Center for Population Studies)

David Holben (Department of Nutrition and Hospitality Management)

Erin Holmes (Department of Pharmacy Administration)

Forrest A. Jenkins (School of Law)

Sarah Moses (Department of Philosophy and Religion)

Jo Ann O’Quin (Department of Social Work)

Patrick Perry (Luckyday Residential College and Scholarship Program)

Jean Robinson (Office of International Programs)

Jennifer Saxon (FedEx Student-Athlete Academic Support Center)

Ellen Shelton (UM Writing Project)

Alice Steimle (Center for Mathematics and Science Education)

Hal Sullivan (Program Coordinator with the Dean of Students for Leadership and Involvement)

Jocelyn Tipton (University Libraries)

Kristie Willett (BioMolecular Sciences)

Debra Young (Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College)

Vacant (Associated Student Body)

Vacant (Graduate Student Council)

McLean Staff

Laura Martin, Assistant Director

JR Love, PhD, Project Manager

Janae Owens, Program Coordinator

Arlanda Washington, Secretary