Gabe Lee

Hometown: Saint Louis, Missouri

Service Term: February 2013-February 2014

Service Project Description: Aiding low income children by pairing them with mentors. The long-term goal of the service project is to pair each child in the foster care system in DeSoto County with a mentor. Certain children in the delinquency system would be paired with mentors as well. Early on the project will involve program development as well as recruitment, training, matching and support of mentors.

Why I joined: I have always loved working with youth. Last year in China I taught English to children as young as 3 and as old as 18, which is approximately the demographic that the DeSoto County Youth Court mentoring project deals with. This project seemed like a great opportunity to make a difference in a community right here in the United States.

Interesting fact: I speak Mandarin Chinese.