McLean Mentors

The McLean Mentors Program is a 6 week tutoring and mentoring opportunity to be a role model and build college-going aspirations for Mississippi youth. McLean Mentors tutor and mentor elementary school students in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Northwest Mississippi, located in Batesville. You can view the Fall 2016 recruitment flyer here.

In the words of one mentor: “I learned that service is transformative for everyone involved, especially the volunteers. University of Mississippi students are in a great position to address the great need outside of Oxford. We must share our resources, including knowledge, with surrounding communities.”

To sign up as a McLean Mentor, please complete the form below by Tuesday, September 6, 2016:

McLean Mentors Fall 2016





Students from Como and Calhoun County create murals illustrating their vision for their home communities.

“I find the McLean Mentors program to be a fantastic program to come from Ole Miss. I am elated that I was able to be a part in continuing a program that I helped pilot. I find the children at Excel in Calhoun City, MS to be fantastic. They are always excited to learn, and it is wonderful for me as a tutor to see the growth they have made from last semester to now. I am very happy to have been a part of McLean Mentors and hope I can continue in the future.”  –Amy


Program Background: In spring 2014, the McLean Institute hosted the inaugural McLean Mentors program. Ten UM students worked with third through fifth grade students at Excel in Calhoun City to offer intensive literacy and math tutoring and to encourage college-going aspirations. At the conclusion of the five week commitment, elementary school student partners visited Oxford for a tour of campus and a day of on-campus activities with their mentors. Activities included meals at the Luckyday Residential College, campus tours, trips to the University Museum, and activities in the University Library.

Calhoun City students worked with their University mentors to think about their future college plans.

Calhoun City students worked with their University mentors to think about their future college plans.

“Tutoring in Calhoun city made me appreciate my educational environment at Ole Miss and taught me that patience is truly a virtue. (It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed spelling words or sounded out uncommon English syllables with a 5 year old.) I had no idea what Calhoun City would be like, but the students were so kind to me as an unknown tutor and the teachers were even more welcoming. This truly put me in a foreign environment, allowed me to have a hands on experience, away from the normal undergraduate scenery, and reflect on my perpetual journey of learning, that I’m wanting to continue after I graduate. The experience was so eye opening and educational for me, because I got to share my love of learning with those students every week; and hopefully, I have them some confidence or insight into the rest of their scholastic quest.”  –Ann Marie









To learn more about the McLean Mentors program and how you can get involved, contact Laura Martin at the McLean Institute. Visit our Facebook page for more pictures of the program.