National Partners

1:1 Fund

In partnership with Delta State University and the Corporation for Enterprise Development, the McLean Institute has created the 1 to 1 Fund Collegiate Campaign: Students In Action to help Children Save for College Education.  This is a matched savings account for low-income children, and this campaign integrates elements of college student engagement for the future success of students from low income families.  Participating students from the University of Mississippi will learn about the 1 to 1 Fund and assist advocacy and fundraising for matching funds to help low-income students pay for college education or to complete post-secondary job training programs.

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation

The mission of the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation is to inspire young people to lead lives of integrity, characterized by service above self and service to their communities.  The Foundation seeks to accomplish this goal in three ways: 1) through awarding scholarships to deserving students, 2) through presenting awards to graduating college seniors and community members who have distinguished themselves in service to others and service to their communities, and 3) through promoting social entrepreneurship and service. The McLean Institute works with the Sullivan Foundation to select recipients of the Sullivan Awards to recognize individuals from the campus and community whose “nobility of character” and service to others sets them apart as examples to all.

Horizons National

Horizons at the University of Mississippi is a local affiliate of Horizons National, an organization that supports a network of local organizations working with public schools to improve educational and personal outcomes for students. The Horizons summer learning program is an intensive summer enrichment program for students starting in the summer after kindergarten and lasting until the summer after eighth grade. The McLean Institute hosted the first summer of Horizons at the University of Mississippi from June 3 to July 12, 2013, serving kindergarten and first grade students. In 2014, Horizons at the University of Mississippi will be held from June 2 to July 18 and will serve kindergarten, first, and second grade students.  The students take classes designed to strengthen their reading and math skills, and participate in hands-on science classes and special sessions on nutrition, drama, art, music and physical fitness.  A key feature of the Horizons program is that students participate in swimming lessons, which provides exercise and builds self-confidence.  Horizons at the University of Mississippi works with Horizons National, as well as campus and local community partners to provide its students with the most enriching and rewarding summer learning experience possible.